Opinions about some of my pictures?


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Nov 12, 2007
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Hello everyone! (this is my first post here)

I've just discovered the outstanding world of digital photography and I want to get some advices, feedback and opinions about the pictures I've shot until now. You can find them here. It's not much, but i hope I'll do better in the future and this is the main reason I'm asking for advices here.

Thanks in advance!

You're great. Keep up the good work. I only went through about 10, but they were all good.
Looks great! I really like the bench shots. You have a great eye and your photos turn out really well.
No critiques at all? About processing, angle or something else? :p
Well I think it would be easier if you posted one picture and asked what people thought or maybe 2-3. it is easier to give feddback and you will get better feedback.

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