Orthodox cemetery, Unalaska


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May 10, 2020
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(Also known as Dutch Harbor, on the Aleutian Islands.)

Now that conveys a barren, cold and lonely world. I don't think I'd like spending much time at all there.
Very apocalyptic looking. Love the birds on it. Life in death. Hope. Very thought provoking.
This is a fantastic photograph. I agree with the above two comments, but this os tastefully done. The arrangement of the crosses is fantastic with the main subject the larger cross. The grass is extremely inviting and the mountains fit perfectly. The contrasty tones work perfectly here as well. I like this very much
Everything said already, the contrast I like the most. To me, this picture says death is cold.
Here's the Russian Orthodox church in the village. The priest's home (foreground) has since been renovated. Unalaska is the biggest community in the Aleutians, colonized by the Russians (and the native Aleuts mainly enslaved for the fur trade) around 1800. The present church was built in 1894, on the site of an earlier church built in the 1820s.

These pictures were taken over 40 years ago.

Two great shots. Well captured.

As a history buff the Russian fur trade could be brutal.
Here's another with the church in the background.


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