Oswald's Station


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Apr 19, 2010
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Yucca Valley, Ca
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Oswald's Gas Station at Christmas Time; Disney California Adventure


Took the kiddies to Disneyland for Christmas since we have no family here on the west coast to visit. Didn't take too many pictures (aside from the kids of course) but I made an effort to grab a shot of this "gas station" on the way out one night. Despite appearances, the park was quite busy when I grabbed this. I think I reeled off a dozen or so 15sec. exposures trying to get a clean one. There was one that turned out "interesting" when a girl whose shoes were wrapped with colored LED strips when skipping through the scene. I was tempted to use that one. . . .
Between this shot and one Scott Kelby posted on IG, I really wanna go to Disney..... But without my kid. lol.
Nice capture. Very clear and sharp. Exposure is just right and the color is wonderful. I wonder how it would look in B & W?
Very nice! Love the warm feel to it
Very sharp, lots of good detail, without being distracting.

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