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Aug 9, 2014
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Denton, TX
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not feeling this one
Interesting. I might clone the drop and some small specks just to make it more abstract.
I like the concept, the idea, and the color balance, as well as the relatively low light. It's an observation of the real world, and elevation of the mundane, which is something I think photography excels at. Imagine writing about this window crack. Writing about it would take a dozen pages to not even equal half of what this photo shows. For me though, the reality of the crack suffers because there doesn't seem to be enough sharpness for my eyes to latch onto, to fully appreciate the crack's form. I'm craving more sharpness, more "reality". As mmaria wrote above, I'm not feeling this one. I want to love this, but just cannot quite get into it 100 percent. I like the idea, a lot. I like the smeared area in the upper left. The large single droplet is okay. I think what I am craving is deeper depth of field, to more fully make the crack look more real, more revealed. There majority of the crack is out of focus, and that abstracts it, and the small, straight section that is in focus might not even be the most interesting section of the crack. That subtle black upright shadowy thing has more size and visual weight than is optimal. This is still more compelling than a hundred Kim Kardashian selfies, and yet her crap will receive millions of views over the next few months.
Actually @Derrel ... There's a section of that same windshield that has much more texture and is more interesting than this one, now that I think of it .. Agree re the upright dark area ... I may reshoot this tomorrow if the lights right

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