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"Out on a Limb" or "How I Learned to Reach Out and Not Care"


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Here is a photo from yesterday afternoon during my lunch hour:

I think it is one of those things which caught your eye, looked good when you were there, but not so good as a photo. I am going to be harsh and say it is boring. Others will disagree. I may be punished :)
No you won't be punished.....severely ;)
Thank you for the comment...I can definitely see how it could be boring...just a limb....everything is green (maybe a little too yellow on top of the green)...but you are right...it looked good when I was there...
The texture and details in the branch is good. I do have to agree that overall this is not an interesting photo.

If a closer crop on one of the leafs exposed for texture using the ambient light was taken this capture might have been better.
I think a radical angle crop might work. Angle the stem top left to bottom right.
I still think though that the first one would be the best used in publication applications...

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