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Nov 26, 2007
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Hello guys/gals
I need some quick input on which set of collapsable reflectors would be good for outdoor purposes. Big enough to shoot family portraits outdoors. Need a diffuser, gold/silver reflector. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Something like this would get you started.

Reflector: 7003 JTL 5 in 1 Portable Reflector Kit, 66" x 40" Reflector & Fabrics

Stand: Impact | Multiboom Light Stand/Reflector Holder - 13' (4m)

Weights: Walmart.com: Athletic Works Ankle Weights - 20 lbs: Exercise & Fitness

The Walmart 20lb weights are great for studio or location. They are velcro strap attached and can be put on legs or center column or both if needed. Weight can easly be removed if not needed and easy to store and carry. Plus they are cheaper than saddlebag weights.

there is one on BHphoto brand called Impact it is slightly bigger at 74" don't know which brand is better
Hard to give a straight up answers on this without abit more info...How big is the family? Are you talking 2 - 4, or 10 - 15 people? Do you have portable lighting or are you relying on natural light?

As far as reflectors, I think you would be ok with just the standard 32" reflectors. I would have at least two If it is going to be larger group. They cost about $25 - $40 each depending on where you get them.

Diffuser: I would suggest one. Outdoors you don't have the easy ability of bouncing, unless you make a prop for it. IMO I don't like direct front flash for any portrait. If you can get away without flash I would. However if you need it/ or just want alittle fill flash then use a diffuser. If you have lights using a softbox is better.

I would check a local photo retailer and see if they have rental programs to try different things out and then purchase what you need.

there is one on BHphoto brand called Impact it is slightly bigger at 74" don't know which brand is better

I don't know about the Impact that you are referring to. I like the JTL due to it's oblong shape, nice wide light spread and my local store carries them. Convenient if I need more.

The 5 in 1 comes with a with a white diffuser. DrRoberts is correct in terms of maybe needing more than one. That all depends on your light, the size of the group, the setting etc. One thing nice about the oblong shape is putting on one a stand over you subjects to diffuse mottles shadows from say tree leaves etc.

I have a 32" round a 46" round and the 40X66, all 5 in 1's that I use along with two of the stands I linked. The are good sturdy stands for their size if you want to do a little Strobist suff as well with some flash units. You can make a quick counterbalance weight for the boom and they will turn into 13' tall stands. They will also support a medium softbox with a strobe mounted quite nicely.

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