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Mar 31, 2007
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Montreal, Canada
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a little photo shooting a did the other day with some people.. did some solo shots & group ones, but i'd like to start with the solo ones. so here's one little set of them.




There's a fair bit of pointing goin' on, yeah? I like the third one the best, but like the idea of the fourth one the best. But for me, the DOF is just too shallow on the fourth one, but the idea is totally there I think.
Great pics!
I like the first one.
im going to go with your 2nd. im a big fan of black and white,but it immediatly made me look at it closer. it just "jumped for me". i think they all are fairly well, just a tad dark with all the shadows for my taste.
Oh very ghetto. I like the last one the best personally, most interesting composition.
I'm liking the 3rd and 4th, but the 4th would have been the best of the DOF was infinite I think. Good job. :)
The 3rd is great. It has a look of "I could kill you but I am too busy and important to make the effort"
The third is my instant favourite, and I do like the location you chose! (Best shown in the first).
I have never been a great fan of vignetting, and you are taking things a bit too far (according to my personal tastes, which means nothing, of course), mostly so in the first where there is a big, very shine white spot in the centre - i.e. on the wall right behind him. That takes away from that first, so I think. All in all, though, I like the outfits your friends wear, their expressions (best liked in 1 and 3 once more), your POVS and ... sure enough I do like the location!

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