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Apr 10, 2009
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This February I went to France and visited the Pompi Du museum...A shot from the outside. The scene caught my attention because I've got a huge passion for music, and the treble cleff really sticks out in this photo...

Critiques would be awesome...
Great work. This is a really interesting photo. What are the metal cords on the ground?

The only suggestion I have is to crop out the inch or so to the right of the center of statue. Try it and see how it looks, I think the image might look better that way.
Thanks for the comment!

During the summer, there's usually water filling the area where the models are...there wasn't when I went...I'm assuming they're pumps er something.

I'll definately try cropping this...which statue are you talking about? The skull or the treble clef?
The pumps really add to the interest of the photo. Try cropping most of everything to the right of the treble clef. The skull statue is nice, but it doesn't stand out well and is hard to see so I doubt the photo will lose much by cropping it.
alright here's the new crop...definately helps emphasize the focus/subject of the photo:

That looks a lot better. The other was good, but I think cropping out the excess emphasized the subject like you said and made it 10x better.
FYI, the museum is called 'Centre Pompidou' not Pompi Du.

Back to the picture. In both versions, the subject does not appear clearly to me. IMHO, there is too much to look at in those frames: the vertical white pipes, the person walking out of the frame, the windows at the back, the sculpture in the middle of the frame, the sculpture on the right of the frame, the cables/pipes at the bottom of the frame... I don't know what I should be looking at.
i think this picture would look good with water in the pool. the cables or pipes are just killing it.
good catch though.
you think the cables kill it? I thought they added a nice industrial feel to the photo and acted as some natural framing?

As for the subject thing...I think this photo is an optical illusion in a way...when you step a few feet back you'll notice that it doesn't seem as crowded, and the treble clef sticks out...

However, as I look at this, I do notice what you're noticing..your eyes sort of jump between portions of the photo, right? Maybe this wasn't a good scene to capture...from any angle there'd be too much going on.
if you notice even without the water the reflections are visible and attaractive, but the cables in the way. Im my opinion.

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