Outtakes from the dark doll shoot


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Dec 24, 2005
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I setup just for the gothic shot "dark doll" thats in the darkside gallery, but
she wanted me to shoot more, so I obliged....



What a cutie! Her eyes are so big, she makes an excellent model!

these are so very different from the shot in the darkside gallery...
what a cutie. Can't believe you got the darkside pic outta her...lol.

You amaze me sometimes.
I second what has been said. Great job.

And that baby doll freaks me out! Must be because of all those horror movies.
dude, im totally freaked out about that doll now. ever since the shot I keep finding the doll in weird places.

My daughter hasn't seen the dark shot, I don't think I will show her for some time... lol

thanks for the compliments. Thats the cool thing about photography, anything you can think of in your head, you can do it too.... just takes time , trial and error and passion...
Love your work dood. What camera/lens do you use?
thanks for the compliment !!

I've just got this old 20D and a 50mm and 28-75 nothing special..

I use some fancy wireless lights now and then for outdoor portraits, but
there just speed lights with umbrellas. Still nothing special.
I love the first shot. Normally those colours on a child portrait would be criminal, but you pulled it off. Nice job.

She's a very pretty kid. Great eyes.
i am in love with the first one. it has sort of a morbid feeling to it. how in the heck do you get the colors like that? spill the beans....i must know =0!!

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