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    There are new photographer tools created for you by mygrafico.com design team: ​

    Overlays are really great and so multipurpose. They are perfect to add the final touch to your photos, to make papers, album pages, and of course they are fantastic texturizers. Here you can see some examples:​

    Border Overlays for your pictures
    Add drama to your artwork with this easy to use semitransparent PNG files, just place them above your picture layer, and play with blending modes to get amazing effects​

    Grunge overlays to make digital backgrounds
    If you are looking for a vintage-grunge look, you can use these overlays to make you own digital papers and photo album pages.

    Texture overlays
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You can add a lot of texture to your photos, and also obtain a subtle vintage effect just adjusting transparency. ​

    To see more products check out our photographer tools area.
    Thank you!
    Love, Lil​

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