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Nov 3, 2014
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Caught this gentleman painting boats in the harbor. I love this set, but can't pick a favorite. Comments? Favorites?




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It's a bit hard to understand what's going on in black-and-white #1 version. I was kinda lost in the #1 till a saw #2 then I was like "ah, ok I got it".
Maybe a crop would do it? But Idk, I'm a newbie, just giving my impression.
I like the #2 more.

Cya :)

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That looks like the sam Bogen tripod I have! :allteeth:
I like #3. :)
I love #3, it perfectly frames the subject without any distracting elements. You can get into the photo at first casual sight. Others are good too, but they have a few distractions.
Nice picture.
There is a lot that can be done with this.
I don't care for #1 because it is intensely cluttered.
I think #3 loses too much of the environment at the cost of an almost cliche-d framing.
#2 is a lovely picture with the subject and his canvas being echoed in the OOF background.
It is a bit bright and could be toned down a bit and, if you are interested, would be quite painterly with a paint daubs filter at finest levels.
(there was a lot of space at the top and not much at the bottom so I moved t a bit.)
definitely #2 FTW.
probably the best bit of street photography ive seen here in a long time.

I dont care for the messy foreground stuff in #3
#1 would have been better framed inside the palm trees. theres too much going on there.
number 2 is lovely!
I say number 2 as well. And i like the_travelerʻs edit.

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