Painting with light, again


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Aug 8, 2013
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Colorado, USA
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I used colored lights and a long exposure to create these images. These are right out of the camera; I've only reduced their size for posting. I've narrowed my selection down to these four. I'd love some feedback to see what people like/don't like. For the last image I tried lighting the flower with a blue light, then switched to orange light and bumped the flower stem to make it wiggle, causing an orange glow around it. I did several like this, but most of them looked so saturated and glowing that they appeared overly processed. I know they need some cropping and some hot pixels need some cleaning.

$IMG_4206 1000p.JPG

$IMG_4207 1000p.JPG

$IMG_4209 1000p.JPG

$IMG_4212 1000p.JPG
The only thing I do not like is the idea of using color lights to change the natural color a of a flower. It is fun as an experiment, but nothing more than that IMHO. You can not compete with Mother Nature here, really.
Cool experiment, I like the last one the most
Thanks for commenting!

Johny, I think that one is my favorite, too.

I think the debate of natural vs creative interpretation could go on for pages, but I think anytime we use artificial light sources we are altering the appearance of an object. Also, technically, these flowers don't even exist in nature. Man made them the colors that they are. Anyway, I did take some with a more "natural" colored light to them, but most looked sort of uninspired to me. Here's one that's not bad, though:

$00IMG_4189 1000p.jpg

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