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Paintshop pro question


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Jun 16, 2015
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For various reasons I am using Corel Paintshop Pro (I tried others but this is the one I am doing best with).

Anyway I am going to scan some old film photos that I took with a UV filter and they look a bit washed out.

Any ideas what to do? I could post one if that helps but they are all of friends in fancy dress and they would probably rather I didn't.
PS I haven't tried anything and they are prints and colours using an hp desk 2362 scanner
I've never used Paint Shop but if it has a dehaze application, try that. If it's not overdone it can add a wee bit of oomph to washed out pics.
Thanks a lot.
It's been a few years since I used Paintshop. Loved the program, would probably be using it still if it hadn't been for the fact that it would crash without warning. Hope they got that problem fixed.

Depending on the age of the film it may be impossible. I have some film from the 80's that has faded so bad there's just nothing left. As to what you can do, try the Levels or the Curves adjustment, both give you flexibility of adjusting shadows, midtones, and highlights individually.
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Thanks for that.
Thanks a lot for that.
Thank you for that.

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