Panasonic TZ5 underwater review

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Apr 12, 2009
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Earlier on the intro forum, I asked if anyone had experience with the tz5 underwater as I was having problems with dark, blurry pics. People responded with general photography tips, but not specific advice to the tz5. So, after some practice, here's my review. The underwater case is of excellent design and construction. Because the tz5 has a long zoom for a point and shoot, the lens sits a fair distance from the front of the lens port when not zoomed in. When taking pictures underwater, the zoom is not typically used, especially in the lower viz waters of BC. The long lens port effects the camera's attempts at focusing and lightening adjustments. Out of the case on land, it is possible to hold the camera within 6 inches of a subject and get a clear, bright photo. In the case, even on land, the camera seems to have trouble adjusting the iso and/or the brightness/contrast, and the photos are dark with very little contrast. I did get some good photos yesterday in poor conditions, Spring here means nutrient rich(read particulate filled), green water, by holding the camera further back than I do with my old canon elf: I'm not posting any pics at this time as I'm not on flickr, etc and I cannot attach photos directly-please tell me if I'm wrong. This is useful knowledge, but also means that I have to shoot through more particle filled water than I did on my old canon elf. I hope this need to consider the length of the lens port for using point and shoots underewater is useful for people trying to decide on which camera to buy. Any advice is welcome. Cheers.

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