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Nov 18, 2007
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Here is a panorama I made.. Made at the beach here at Curacao..

Hope you like it.. C&C are welcome.. :wink:

The picture is clickable.. else it would ruin the forum layout..
must be hard to get the water to look good, no?

Very nice work. the right side could have used more depth of field to keep the background in focus....but other than did a solid job.
Thanks for the comments..

This shot was actually not intended.. I just stood there with the camera of a friend, and I thought.. hmm why not give it a go.. so I shot the whole thing out of hand taking the horizon as my ruler..

Got home and merge it with PS wasn't very satisfied, then found panorama factory which did an amazing job.. it also add's some contrast and does light adjustments.. wonderfull program..

So actually Sideburns, I did nothing to make the water look good.. I guess it's just the water here that is nice :D

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