Panoramas of Ha Ling Peak in Canmore, Alberta. C & C Please

Hugo Leung

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Jun 7, 2010
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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All but two are done in HDR. I just did these, so i they don't feel finished. Please, help me make them better. Also, I still need to fix up the missing areas in photoshop.


A tree on the way up the scramble


A panorama of the same view


the wide panorama.


this one caught the sun


the focus is uneven. Does it distract?




Do any of the last three make you feel like you're stepping over the edge?


Taken in the blue hour. does it feel like twilight?


Thanks for looking. A lot of these are quite similar, so i'd really appreciate knowing which perspectives are appealing.
They are all on their way to be great photos. They appear to be a bit hazy and the last two are too blue. The last two look to have wb issues but I know you wanted this look.
[you might want to number them so we can refer to them easier]

Nice shots Hugo, where were these taken from (which trail etc.)
I think I like the one with the sun the best, although the town & distant range are a bit dark in that one.

Did you shoot these recently? Shooting in late summer can be problematic. The air can get really hazy. I don't know all the reasons why, but part of it is certainly all the forest fires. I heard that there were something like 490+ forest fires burning in B.C. last week....and some of that surely must drift over here.

I was actually in Kananaskis all last week, after shooting a wedding in Wainwright on the 31st. The air was really hazy when I was driving in on Sunday and I was really bummed. So for the first couple days, I concentrated on shooting down rather than up...mostly water falls & stuff like that. Lucky for me, it did clear up a bit for a day or two (probably because it rain a fair bit) and I was able to get some mountain scenic shots...but even then, the more distance between me & the mountain, the more haze I could see. It's usually best in the morning, so getting up early can really pay off.

Shooting in the spring is usually best for nice clean & crisp air. But of course, it's still pretty cold up there.

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