part of a fountain. artsy? ish?


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Jun 7, 2012
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part of a fountain at a hotel.
played with the exposure on this one for quite while. one minute i would like it darker, and the next minute i would like it lighter. never was able to really make up my mind how i thought i had "envisioned it", i finally got tired of going back and forth with it and left it at what it is now. I thought it looked neat, especially with the one in the background blurred. maybe it needs a little more DOF. or maybe a little less background blur. might go back in the morning and try a few different settings and see what happens. In the meantime, this is what I got.

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I have the sudden urge to pee.
I like the pov on #1, the color on #2.
I like the pov on #1, the color on #2.

yea, on the first one, i warmed it up and cooled it down so many times trying to find where i REALLY liked it that i finally just got disgusted with the whole process and left it where you see it now.
i don't have near this much trouble with people shots. I can find the happy spot on people photos fairly quickly.
I like the first shot. It may be as is in real life, but I am wanting it to be perfectly vertical.

The straight-on shot doesn't do much for me.
I'd have given a TON of empty space on the right on the first, and with the coloring of the second.
I think a little brighter exposure. What about a longer exposure?
Judging from that fountain’s equipment, I’m guessing it must have been cold out that day.

I like the shallow DoF effect and viewing angle on the first one over the second.
I wanted to go back and try a few different apertures, but i just didnt have the time. and when i finally HAD a little time, i didnt have the energy or interest.
If you're looking for artsy, how about defying gravity? What about a 90 or 180* rotate?

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