Pastel Petals


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Jul 19, 2007
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Would like your thoughts on this one. Mine are mixed, I'm not sure if the clipped petal is bothersome and I'm wondering if details are too light?

Lacking the thread title, I'd be hard-pressed to even tell what it is.
I think it works pretty well as an abstract. You've made everything in the frame soft enough so there isn't any distraction coming from thinking about what it really is. I'd soften the one petal edge that's still a little sharp, just slightly right and above the center. It might also help to darken the upper left corner and along the top for balance.
Thanks Sparky & Ken for the feedback.

Ken, I'll give your suggestions a try. I've been back and forth about what does and doesn't work on this one for awhile. All I've been doing for quite some time now, is the impressionistic and abstract flowers, but somehow this one seemed to miss the mark on both. Thanks again.

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