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Aug 26, 2011
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My girlfriend recently became a yoga instructor so we've been working on getting some shots. I've been learning about lighting and directing her and it has been quite the challenge. This is my favorite, feel free to critique.

DSC_4546-Edit-Edit.jpg by turboskipper, on Flickr
Nicely done. I think perhaps a little more contrast would help.

Thanks for the kind words, I'll try the contrast when I get home tonight. Trying to keep a touch of detail in the pants and not make her face too bright kept me a bit challenged.
I think that the back wall is too bright and too in focus and it pulls the eye from her.
Also that she is too high in the frame.
Please forgive the poor masking and adding but this will give an idea what I mean.

Lew $6799284724_112e42aaea_blllllllll.jpg
Take her outside and put her into a nice setting, with some nice light. She is looking very good, take some shots that show off her skills in a nice setting.

This shot came out just fine...for what it is.
Get her to do the bow and arrow pose on a column with some good lighting and it would be a great photo.

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