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Jan 13, 2012
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I'm really new here (as in, I just discovered this site yesterday), but I figured I might as well jump in. I've been taking pictures most of my life, but didn't really start learning about photography until a couple years ago. We had a really warm day earlier this week, so I took my toddler out to take some pictures. So, here they are. I know there are things that can improve and I want to take more soon, so any tips are very welcome! (These are edited, if anyone wants to edit, let me know and I'll post the originals. I haven't figured out how to post pictures through the site yet, so these are on my flickr.)

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I like the idea of the second one, just not the crop.
I thought I had cropped it differently, then realized it was centered. :oops: I'll pull out the original in a bit and fix it. ;)
Nice shots of a cute kid. The second one with his expression is priceless. I would have placed him more in the right-hand third line, giving him a place to look into or escape into. First one - the crop is a little close for me, but if you like that is all that counts.


Sorry, but there's just some things that don't belong on railroad tracks. Kids, pregnant women and animals come to mind... It's not only cliche, but it just doesn't look right. It's like the train could come at any time and run them over....

First one is nice. You nailed the focus on his eyes, but I wish you would have left little more room for the top of his head. Mind your backgrounds too, the fence pole is going through his head.

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