peleng fisheye?


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Nov 19, 2007
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is a Peleng Fisheye a good investment for a Nikon D50?
No is the correct answer! The sample I saw had a very loose focus ring that felt as if it had sand in it. The mount was so tight it took 3 men and a young gorilla to mount it, and the color fringing on the outer edges of the frame was very noticeable even on a 4X6 print. This was a new lens imported about 18 months ago. Also, the lens will not meter on your camera. It is MF only and has no matrix chip in the lens. And, it's a full frame lens, so the image on the D50 will not be circular, it fills the sensor corner to corner. If you want a circular image, you will need to use a DX format fisheye. If a friend has one, borrow it, play with it for a hour or two, but don't buy it. JMHO.

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