pentax 645 n nii or mamiya 645 afd for wedding


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Oct 17, 2021
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First of all sorry for my bad Anaglais. I am a wedding photographer and I want to get into the medium format film. No contax 645 because too expensive. So I hesitate between a pentax 645n n ii and a mamiya 645 afd. And why not a hasselblad h1 h2
Why prefer pentax? Clearer viewfinder? Better optics? But isn't the limitation to 1/1000 annoying?
Why prefer mamiya? And what to think of the hasselblad alternative and with what lense?
Thank you !

When I used to do weddings it was all Medium Format Film cameras, I used Bronica 645 & 6x6, Mamiya 6x6 & Hasselblads, always preferred the Bronicas. Ion those days Digital was the thing of dreams only.

Seeing what we have available now I would never go back to film, even just in cost only, could you just imagine having to shell out upwards of £200 on every wedding just to get a set of proofs that you had to go back to the reception with on the night of the wedding.

A high resolution camera with no film or processing costs would be a dream come true to a photographer trying to make a living..

Why are you thinking of going down the MF film route ?
Neither of these replies answers the OPs questions. Rather it puts him in the position of having to first explain his choices. It could be that film is cheap in his part of the world and he knows someone can do his processing for free.

He wants to get into medium format film and has listed two cameras in particular. Anyone who can speak to either of those choices will be helpful.

Let's stay on topic here. Thanks!

The simple answer is both the Mamiya and Pentax will be fine, so use whichever you actually own. Just remember to do the job justice you need a backup in case the one you use fails, if you are comfortable using either system and have both then use both.
Whatever you choose, I'd try to find repair services for Pentax/Mamiya in your area before I bought into medium format.
I just shot a wedding with a Nikon set and my Mamiays /Phase One 645 Digital.

Having shot Med. Format for many many years, and having access and owing several Med. Film and two Digis. I still love shooting with the digi MF first and foremost due to the overall high IQ. I havint shot film in a long time, but the overall cost is going upward and control is far better in a digital format.

The H1 and H2 are still solid shooters, but I had some serious issues with mine not calibrating correctly and I wound up sinking about $2K into a used 645 system.

If your shooting only film, I SERIOUSLY recommend the AF systems due to the limitations imposed by man. focus. unless your doing portrait.

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