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Oct 5, 2010
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I am planning on purchasing the Pentax K7 kit from Abes of Maine and I am only planning on doing outdoor and nature photography with it. Simple question, good choice or bad choice? Please give details for your decision. Thank you.
I would say good choice. I have both the k10D and the *ist DS predecessors. I am really interested in the new K5 version, but I really don't need it. The k10 is plenty capable really. The k7 looks really nice. It's certainly a bump in the features from my current k10. For the price I think it certainly competes well with a Nikon or Canon in the same class. Pentax has some really remarkable high quality glass as well. I think you can't go wrong w/ it, but be prepared to ignore or justify it to those who think there are really only 2 choices in cameras. Pentax has a more limited lineup of glass than Canon or Nikon, but it does cover the whole line and has some very nice glass, especially in the limited line.

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