Pentax P3n - Did I make a mistake


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Nov 25, 2007
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I snatched up a P3n body in pristine shape with flash, a SMC Pentax-A f/1.7 50mm, and a 80-200mm F/3.8-4 manual zoom. I just wanted a film camera to interchange primes between it and my K100D Super. And I also want to shoot some black and white. I got it all for $45 shipped. Problem is I can't find any reviews on this camera. I know it came out in 1989 and it was a step below the P5.

Is this an okay body?
No, you did fine. As long as the shutter speeds are close, the back is light tight, and the mirror flips up & down, for the price, you can't go wrong.
That's what I thought. I mean just paid $40 alone for the exact 50mm lens last week. This one has both caps, and stated no scratches, dust, fungus, and a UV filter. As long as I am able to play full manual and use it in my photography class I'm happy.

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