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Perforation (resurrected)

Fred Berg

Been spending a lot of time on here!
May 17, 2011
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A few weeks ago I posted a similar photo, which I feel didn't work that well. This is another try from a few days ago that I'm much happier with:


Revue AC-5, 28-70mm manual zoom lens, Kodak Elite Chrome (Picasa B&W conversion)

C&C welcome
C&C per req: I'm afraid it doesn't do a lot for me. Between the harsh lighting, "up-skirt" composition, and deep shadows obscuring the hands it's not immediately obvious what I'm looking at. What is your intent/thought process on this?
the feet kind of distract me from the rest of the image. but i do love how its B&W. I just couldn't decipher it because my eyes were caught by the feet for the first few seconds

It's definitely a different angle, which is very good, but i just can't get past how the feet seem to just be in my face hahaha.

Also, highlights on the side of the leg and man-skirt/kilt/whatever (lol) seem kinda blown
I like the concept of this. Aside from the religious context, if I was living in the era of crucifications, this would be the view that I would be both relieved (i.e. glad that's not me) and totally horrified to see. It puts a part of history into possibly a more relatable context.

Two suggestions (I didn't see your first go at this so YMMV) - step back a bit so that the face is more visible, and depending on your own tastes - pull back the contrast a bit.

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