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Mar 2, 2009
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I'm planning on doing a few location shoots (model on location) and i am having a hard time finding info on when permits are needed.

So far it sounds like definite needed situations are in National Parks and when you are going to occupy a public place or block traffic or something.

Does anybody know where you get the information and apply for one?

My case: I want to take pictures of a model at the local park?..

The rules vary. I would contact your local park officials and politely ask.
It's not a 'one-size-fits-all' situation. There litterally thousands of places and each has their own requirements.

More and more local, state, federal parks, and private venues are requireing photographers add them to the photographers business liabilty and indemnity insurance as an 'Additional Insured' and requireing the photographer provide them a COI, Certificate of Insurance to that effect, which your insurance agent can provide.

I second what icassell said. Contact the local Parks Department, or other government/venue when applicable, and ask THEM what their requirements are.
While you're at it underplay the whole thing. Make them think it's a huge deal with assistants and blah blah blah and they will say .. PERMIT. Just be like yeah I wanna take some pictures there and they will often say whatever just go do it ... a park ranger told me that trick many moons ago and it's always worked. Of course I don't bring tons of people either .. 3-4 people total. It also depends on what kind of shoot you're doing. You can show up with an entire family, high school senior + friends etc. and nothing will be said. Show up with a blonde wearing a dental floss thong and you're going to attract the rangers.
Your general idea is correct. If the shoot is more of a production with multiple people, lots of equipment: lights, truck, generator, light boxes, large reflectors, etc., or for that matter something that would attract an audience of on-lookers or interfere with the use of some area of the park, etc. then certainly a permit would be required.

If it is simply some poses with a model that would not disturb members of the public, then probably a permit would not be necessary.

When I was in charge of a beach/park as part os summer employment, photographers/videographers etc. generally chose less than ideal weather such as after a storm, a cool evening, early in the morning etc. when there were few people around, to do their shooting with models etc. As a result they were left in peace to do their work and they did not disturb anyone either.

Check with the administration.
In my experience, a great deal of locations do not require permits, and of the remainder that do, the lion's share are free or of marginal cost.

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