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    some recent pics

    i finally found a replacement part for my camera so now the advance lever doesnt come off after every shot!
    1. Barn

    2. eyes...ah the emotion one can get while watching myth busters.....

    3. Star trails. id actually like a little help with this one. its a 1.5 hour exposure at f/22, no filters. i was an idiot and well it was dark and at about 1 hour exposure time i looked out the window to see if the camera was still standing (kinda windy) and of couser not thinking i used a flash light to check on the camera...hence the fact that this looks like someone shown a flashlight on the lens....
    anyway, my question is, does the rest of the photo look under or over exposed. im going back up north sometime soon (where the stars live) and id like to get more star trails. i have a manual camera so infinate exposure times are possible, my question is will i get a better picture with large apature short exposure or small apature long exposure. with B&W film, f/22 a polarizer, ND and red filter i think i could leave the shutter open all night.
    anyway, what are your ideas, experience with this stuff?

    3. flashlight and night photography dont go together.

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    Nice B&W, i really the light trails, very cool stuff

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