Personal photo scanner recommendations?


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Sep 24, 2010
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Riverton, Ut
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Does anyone have a decent personal scanner that works well for photos? I have a ton of photos that I want to digitize. I would rather buy my own personal scanner than send them off to be scanned by a company. I do have a flatbed that I will use for the more important ones. But, the flatbed takes a lot of time and not all of my childhood photos need the highest quality. I like the idea of using an auto-fed scanner for the higher speed. I will scan at 300 dpi or larger. I will likely end up printing them in a book through Cherish Bound. Most will end up on the page at about the same size they are prior to scanning. I am willing to spend up to $400. It would cost a lot more than that to send them out. Plus, if I get a nice one, I can rent it to family or friends and make some money back.

I have looked into the Fujitsu line, but found some reviews that say they are great for documents, but not for photos.

Any recommendations?

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