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Oct 25, 2008
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Newcastle Australia
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Hi, I need C&C on some pet potraits, how could I improve them to go professional pet photographer.

I did these at home on my cauch with a little window light and bounced the flash of the ceiling. Some are focused on the eyes and some on the nose.





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2 and 3 are my favs, really hard to see where his head ends and the background begins though.
You should have had bright light on one side and then a little softer on the other.
I prefer #1 as the depth of field works for me there. 2 and especially 3 have too much of his (?) head out of focus.

Some reflected light from below would have helped add some definition. I don't mind the black background at all.
I think the focus on his eyes works the best. Liking 1 the best
So, is the dog in front of a black background or did you photoshop one in?
#1 & #4 with a DIY or professional reflector for fill light would have been a great shot.....
This was a quick set up I stuck a black cloth onto the wall and covered the cauch with another black cloth, held a treat in one hand to get the dog to stay still and the camera in my other hand, than i used the dodge tool in photoshop to burn the background in

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