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Feb 22, 2010
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hello, im just curious, of those of you out there who use lightroom, how do you organize and backup your photos? i have lightroom, but its cataloging is hard to figure out for me(maybe its just my stupid self) but all of my photos just end up in random folders and stuff everywhere, ive played with lightroom a little bit and like its system for organizing everything. but problem is i have a few thousand files already on my portable hard drive that i want to do the same with. anyone with experience in this that could give me some tips will be much appreciated! thanks

I back-up to a DVD.

Really, there's no point keeping the back-up on your main drive - kinda defeats the purpose of having a back-up.

I have it set to ask for a back-up every month, I think.
i know, as of now all of my photos are on a portable drive, but not realy organized well, i want to transfer them all to my main HDD on my computer then use the portable as a backup.

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