Petra, The Treasury


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Jan 4, 2008
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grateful for any feedback on this
I like the idea and the door way affect. how did you meter this?
spot metering on the sunlit facade
I like it, just wish the ground wasn't so blown out, but i'm sure it was difficult in this situation, with all the different shades. It looks like it's tilted a little..
I love the range of tones here. Yes, the ground in the middle of the opening is blown out, but it works, because the focus is on the facade, and then the man standing in the opening looks like he's bathed in light. His posture lends to this impression beautifully.
Ah - I love this place. Have not been there for years. If you don;t know this place, the sandstone is very beautiful. A nice camel ride or long hike in through narrow winding passages then opening up into a large valley. Google "Petra Jordan" to see the whole place in living colour, it will blow your mind.

This is the interior. It's unusual to see images of Petra in B&W, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was a pretty much point and shoot excercise, due to time constraints, spot metering my only tool to acheive any kind of subtlety on the day. The interior shot was very difficult to get, I had no tripod, so I'm pleased with the result. The shot is uninformative, but intriguing, I think.

The first shot is indeed tilted. I have an almost identical composition that I took a little later in the day in colour. It's also tilted. In the other direction.

I blame the Nabbuteans, who built the place.

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