Photive IR remote issues on D5000


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Aug 16, 2015
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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a knock-off (Photive) IR remote for my Nikon D5000 camera... model PHML-L3. So it looks just like the ML-L3. The issue is in Bulb/Time mode.... The issue I'm having is on the second "click" of the shutter.. It works great to open the shutter, but when I click to end the exposure, it will automatically start a second exposure... finishes the first one, then goes right into a second, and third, and forth... The only way I can get the camera to stop taking pictures is to turn off then entire camera. When setting up for the remote I will select remote from the shooting menu, then bring my shutter speed all the way down to Bulb/Time. Is this how it is supposed to work? Is it bad for the camera to turn it off while the shutter is open in the middle of an exposure? Have I selected some setting deep in the menu that causes this to happen? Unfortunately my manual is no help, and I cant find the answer anywhere on the internet..

Hope someone can help me out!
Generally bulb works by pressing and holding shutter until you want to relaese, the release then closing the shutter. A second click would start a second shot
Yes, I know how the bulb function works, but the problem is when using the remote... on the first click of the remote, the shutter opens, It will stay open for up to 30 mins, or until I push the button on the remote again. The problem is that when I push the remote button a second time ( to close the shutter/end the exposure) it will do that, but then start a second exposure immediately (open the shutter a second time, and a third time, and a forth time...). It will do this until I turn the entire camera off.
Do you know anyone with another remote (any kind) that you can try to see if it's the remote or the camera/setting?
Unfortunately I don't know anyone that has another remote.. with reference to my OP, is it bad for the camera to turn it off mid exposure?
I had a 3rd party IR remote once. I bought it as backup to the Nikon IR remote.
They looked the same but the 3rd party one worked initially then all weird things broke out with it. Ir just did not work well at all.

I ended up buying a 2nd Nikon IR remote. Then went to Radio remote and haven't used them since.

what I learned ... Just because it looks the same doesn't mean it actually works the same.
that Vivitar IR remote ==> Anatomy of a IR Remote - Nikon ML-L3 compatible Photography Forum

then went to a Vello Radio trigger ==> Vello Shutterboss Photography Forum
I would say if the camera is closing the shutter on it's own, then the camera may be the issue. If the camera - remote link is shutting off prematurely, then I'd think either the camera or the remote might be the problem.

Since you don't know anyone with a remote, do you know anyone with a Nikon camera that you could try your remote on?
If not, I'd just buy the Nikon remote. We don't know where you are located, but the ML-L3 runs less than $20 US.
Turns out it was the remote. I have a work friend that has the same camera and a legit Nikon remote. Used it once, and worked like it should. Bought one on ebay minutes later!
Glad you got it figured out. Generally speaking, you typically get what you pay for.

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