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Jan 21, 2008
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I just purcased a new Epson stylus R800 and hoping I amde a good decission on that...
My question to you the experts is, what brand and type of paper should I use for a. B&W prints (portraits, landscape etc.) and b. Color prints.
I’ve heard about the LexJet products but don’t know if it is really what I need.

Thanks for your comments,
I seldom use my R260, but when I make prints, I use Epson paper.
I seldom use my R260, but when I make prints, I use Epson paper.

I know that the general recomendation is to use the Epson paper but after reading about the LexJet products I was wondering (?).
Pshh I dunno. I use Kodak Premium (glossy) photo paper on my Photosmart printer.. works fine.
I have a Canon printer, but printer brand aside, I recently bought some Ilford Galerie paper because it has the texture of traditional photo paper. I've only printed one sheet so far, but it looks pretty good. Before that, I was using Canon's own paper but it's just flat glossy with no texture, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just like the photo texture.
I think I actually use Kodak paper also. It does pretty well with pictures.. I just need to get a new printer.:confused:
Meh it's all over the shop. I used to use Canon Photo Paper Pro, but with our new Canon printer my prints come out green on it. Switched to some local Officeworks brand and it's all good again.
I've done hundreds upon hundreds of side-by-sides of inkjet papers. Ilford Galerie is far better than Epson. At the very least the Epson suffers far more from metamerism (the quality of colors changing under different light temperatures), especially with black and white prints.

And don't worry about specialty papers. Your printer just isn't going to print that well on them. They're not worth the money.
Thank you all. I've decided to stay with the Epson paper for now and so far it looks real good.

Again, Thanks.
I use Kodak paper. Works great in my easyshare printer
Suggesting what type of paper to print on can be hard. This is because choosing the right type of paper for your prints is very opinionated. My suggestion is to test a number of papers and find one you like. There are a lot of great papers out there some more expensive than others. Just like everything you get what you pay for.

In order to be some sort of help, we should know a little about what you like.

Do you like matte or glossy paper?
Do you want your prints to look like traditional silver prints?
Do your black and white prints have extreme contrast?
How important is a good print to you?

Some of my favorite brands are Hartman, Museo, and Hahnemuhle.

Some of my favorite papers Silver rag, Fine art pearl, and photo rag. All depends on the photo.

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