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Dec 17, 2022
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Hey everyone! I am 15 and I took photos for a family a couple months ago, for free because I’m learning. The photos were pretty clean and sharp but then they printed them out and framed some but they looked fuzzy?? Was it just their printing or my photos?!


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Your upload is far too small to see anything. Can you upload a larger resolution?
There are a few things you can look into. 1) What was the resolution of the original image? If it was taken with a cell phone, maybe 12mp. If a dslr, anything from 12mp to 60mp. 3) How big is your print? A good rule of thumb is avoid making prints at less than 120 pixels / inch. Better yet, stay above 200 pixels / inch. 3) What print surface did you choose? Things look softer printing on canvas compared to printing on bright white glossy photo paper 4) Did you download your image to a computer and look at it at 100%, i.e., looking at every pixel in a region. Check the eyes and see if they are sharp. 5) Did all your pixels get to your printer? My bet is that this is the issue. Your post made me think you "sent" the photo to your family and they printed it. If that's the case, email and texting image files is notorious for not sending your whole image to the destination. It resizes them and, many times, only sends a thumbnail. Most people don't know it's a thumbnail as they only view it on their cellphones. Texting an image or using AOL are notorious for this. You need to make sure your full image got to your print service. They best way to do this is to download your original image right to your print service.

Good luck!
Yeah, make sure the image resolution being printed is high enough for the print size. It takes a lot more pixels to make a sharp print than it takes to view something on a screen!

The sample you posted is not even useful for viewing, much less printing, so I certainly hope that's not your actual image file you used.

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