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Jan 9, 2008
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I am new to photography and I build pool cue sticks for a living. Photo details are a must for online sales. I just bought a Cannon Rebel Xto 10 MP camera. Even with a good camera my pics are lacking unless I go outside on a nice sunny day which is not alway possible.

I am thinking of buying a phptp tent in the 36-46" range
What would you recommend and with what tent lights. Are there any better deals than ebay or are they junk?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Don't know what your budget is but you can go hear and get the first package Kits

That is a good website and they are good on what they say, not to mention low prices.

If you are trying to save money you could just get a translucent umbrella or even a nice big white sheet that is also translucent and shine a big utility light through it. Just go to home depot and buy those work lights and get a white sheet even if it's off your bed, rig something up like (not sure how you take your photos but..) drape the blanket over 2 or 4 chairs spread out and have someone hold the light over the blanket shining down onto your pool stick and presto, home made light box. Just watch your shadows and they will turn out better if you have a background. Good luck.

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