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Dec 13, 2008
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I was shooting down in Phoenix, and wanted to go for a B+W lomo.

Explain the title: I was actually questioned by the police as to my intentions, using a Gitzo monopod, and 70-200.
What do you think?


I'm very curious because I've just recently downloaded Opanda EXIF Reader and am not completely sure about what I'm reading.

On #1 it says you used a Nikon D90 at Focal Length = 62mm / Exposure Mode = Auto (green box?) / Aperture = F/5.3, ISO = 400 / EV = -0.3, blah blah blah

#2 says Nikon D90, Focal length = 16mm, Auto Exposure, f/4, SS= 1/60, blah blah blah

#3 says Nikon D90, Focal length = 16mm, Auto Exposure, f/3.5, SS= 1/15, blah blah blah

All this makes me curious. If you're supposedly shooting with a D700 and 70-200mm lens mounted, why does this information differ? Is my newly downloaded sofware lying to me or do I not know how to extrapolate the information yet?

If you have made so much money off the D90 to purchase the D700, surely you would not be using the D90 now and certainly the Auto Exposure shooting mode is a thing of the past. really, I am truely confused. Please help me understand.
Actually, when exporting through aperture, it is supposed to strip exif, but I guess it just replaces with what I had in the preferences. Ignore that, but any comments on the photo?
Lol, Don't taze me bro.

I actually found the issue was w/ my watermarking tool, where it embeds exif and iptc.

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