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Sep 14, 2004
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Hey guys,

I saw that a website is having a photo contest with a chance to win a Fuji X10. | Facebook

I'm thinking of either one of these two photos:



let me know what you think!
What kind of contest? What are they looking for? I am in no way a landscape photographer, but the colors here seem a little flat. Maybe a contrast boost?
It's just a landscape photo contest. I think it's a public vote for the photos once everything's in. I will do that, thanks!
Take a very close look at the contest rules to be sure your not giving away all your legal rights to the photos.
compositionally #1 is better, but still have some blown sky.
I like number 2. I like how you can see the buildings; #1 seems cluttered to me with the buildings being so small
Just at first glance, #1 draws my eyes - and here's why:

1. It's more "grand" - the sky and tall rocks give it such a sense of grandeur and the houses really let you know the scale of the scene, which makes it more impressive.
2. While the colors in #2 are nice, it doesn't have the context of the first photo to give it that breathtaking feeling of how small we are.
3. #1 has a sense of movement that leads the eye through the lovely clouds.

Both shots are great! It seems like a pretty fantastic location (where is it?) Good luck in the contest!

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