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Feb 13, 2008
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So... I'm looking at getting a new computer... I'm not trying to start a Mac vs PC thing here, but I'm not entirely convinced about going Mac vs PC. Macs are pretty and I know Mac has always been an industry leader in the graphic world, but on the other hand, I don't think there is anything that a Mac does that a PC doesn't do...

I'll be doing post production and album design on this workstation which means Photoshop and Indesign, both of which are available for either platform.

So doing a cost comparison just based on specs:

iMac with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz, 24" Monitor, 4GB RAM, and 640GB Hard drive will run me around $1800 CAD.

PC with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200 Processor 2.33GHz, Samsung Syncmaster 24" LCD Monitor (T240), 6GB RAM, 1TB HD will run me around $1400

So, with the savings by getting the PC, I could get a nice NAS RAID setup to make sure my data is accessible and get a nicer monitor and calibrator. I have a PC now which means I need to get new licenses for the Mac if I decide to go that route...

Now I can compare specs all day, but ultimately, will going Mac help with my workflow or improve the quality of my work? Surely there's a reason why most of the industry is Mac based... I honestly want to be convinced to go Mac, but comparing specs, I can't see the value...
i have a mac set up pretty close to that set up, upgraded my video card to and love it. it nice having the portability of the i mac, i have mine in the living room, i'll watch tv while working on pics, and it's easy to pick up and move whenever. also for what it worth i used to have it in my bedroom and it's super quiet is you need to leave it running over night. and the 800 fire wire will come in nice once i get a external hd for back up. also has wireless and bluetooth might matter might not.

being said it's all in one, upgrading the mac will be more costly (ram is easy to plug in though but you only get 2 spots, and you cant carry parts over to the next computer. also if you need to shell out for photoshop all over, it might not be worth it. when i was buying my mac about a year ago the sales person told me that photoshop did not recognize more then 4g of ram, therefor having more then 4g was overkill, unless you were running additional programs at the same time. i’m not a computer guy so no idea if this was / is true.

not much of an answer but i’m very happy with my mac. if you go that way id say be sure to spring for the bluetooth keyboard and mouse, love them. and up you video card to. i also have been quite happy with the mac operating system to coming off a pc. hope this helps a little
It is all whether you want to buy into the Mac system. It is a very narrow upgrading and modifying route, similar to an Olympus camera, in terms of upgrades, not quality. Mac is an excellent system, one for a driven professional. I use the Macbook Pro, and I just got the new Nehalem Mac Pro, both excellent products, but limited in a few unimportant aspects, such as gaming. If you want, you can even bootcamp your mac for windows, whith the availability of going back to wonderful OSX at any time.
Don't attempt to compare specs too much with Mac. Remember that there will be a huge difference in the OS, as OSX is not nearly the system hog that windows is.

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