Photographers Fight at a Wedding

Hope it wasn't the Canon/Nikon debate.... or film vs. digital...
:lol: that's pretty darn amusing to watch...

Loved how they pitched the equipment around like it was a bean bag.

The girls did what most of us would be doing.... taking pictures.
I couldn't watch it. I have uber internet connectionz but this video wouldn't work.

And Hi Erose. :salute: Haven't seen you around in a few days.
Too many weddings same time / place, my own last one was similar with their tog dragging his feet delaying the wedding I was doing, I didn't give a $hit, the groom wasn't too happy though as his bride turned up and we were still waiting outside, I put it down to greedy ministers. H
WTF!?!?!?!?! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy was throwing his own equipments hahahaha
A great laugh!!!

I did notice, that the camera seemed to stay in one piece. I want that camera...:mrgreen:
Wow..........LOL :lmao:
Where's Are they speaking French?

Nope Cloud can't figure it out. lol
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Eastern European. Maybe Russian but I don't know.

If we could tell what the guy is saying maybe we would understand why they are all throwing the same video camera to the ground...:scratch:
Most hilarious! I have seen Alaskan bears fighting over primo salmon fishing locations....but two Eastern European photogs fighting over a small outdoor gazebo as a wedding photo location?? WTF!!!

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