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Photographing Windows & Doors


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Dec 24, 2015
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We make windows & doors. We need to have our product photos taken regularly for different promotional material.

We need to take two types of photographs:

  1. Indoor photographs of windows & doors
  2. Outdoor photographs of our windows & doors installed on our customers' sites.
What camera and lens would you suggest for the above?

What equipment would I need if I want to set up a small studio in our company for taking regular photos of windows & doors?

We use these photographs in brochures, websites, billboards, and magazines.

Do you want it done right or do you want it done cheap? If you make first class doors I think you need first class photos done by a seasoned professional photographer. It will take more than a camera and a lens. Probably some extensive lighting, a hefty tripod, a variety of lenses. If money is a problem and if there is a first class professional photography school near you, you could hire a recent grad. He could get his buddies from the school to help him, if needed (and pay them) but you might get a good price for great work because they are just starting out. Then the post processing is another whole professional area. Billboards? Not for a noob with a kit lens, a flash on camera and a slow computer. Good luck.
The first question that comes up is budget?
Because that will need educational materials too if you plan on doing it yourself.
Also, what are your true expectations of your own abilities ?

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