product photography

  1. A

    Coffee Bag Photography

    Need some help with product photography! I got a gig shooting coffee beans and coffee bags, expecting them to be filled bags one would buy in the store. Instead, I received flat, unfilled bags with the coffee beans in separate ziplock bags. Is this normal? Did someone on their team make a...
  2. tsouri

    Smoke, Lights and a lot of monkey dancing

    A watch video project my buddy Frank and I did. It was a lot of fun, and it's nice to do something you love! Put Volume UP PS Guys, If anyone here needs any advice regarding Product Photography or Videos, composed your questions and open a post (tag me) ill be happy to answer :)
  3. C

    Nikon Z5 for low-light product photography?

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a strong yet basic beginner-intermediate level DSLR for product photography. Today I went to a local shop and was very disappointed in what was sold to me (A mirrorless Canon M50 EOS Mark II)- I felt it was a step backward instead of forward. I am used to...
  4. Connor Moriarty

    Who has experience with automatic photography machines (OrvitVu, Styleshoot)

    I am a photographer, but also the studio manager for a company that does outsourced product photography and editing for retail and eCommerce. We use OrvitVu systems to automate all of our photography to be as efficient as possible. The biggest inefficiency we have is the inability for all of our...
  5. P

    What are some advice on lighting to get the best product photography?

    what if i only have one light source (aperture 120d). will that be sufficient? I am in a cramped space and I am considering buying this MyStudio MS32CYC Seamless Tabletop Background Sweep Cyclorama instead of the stands with white background paper to conserve space I am mostly shooting...
  6. L

    Where to market to get product photography projects

    Hi, have been learning and shooting some product photography. I would some advice on what to include in a portfolio and how/where to get some work?
  7. gossamer

    Product photography and licensing

    Hi all, I'm an amateur photographer with a D500 and a few nice lenses. I occasionally do photo shoots for money, but this time I'm working on pictures for a wholesale pet products company that involves a much more professional position than previous times. I need help with figuring out a fair...
  8. gossamer

    Product photography - review please

    Hi, I have a D500 and a 24-70mm 2.8 and trying to take some product shots of pet toys. I'm not a complete novice, but working with light is where I need the most help, and also haven't done much product photography before. I recently bought a basic two-light CFL reflective umbrella setup along...
  9. gossamer

    Product photography - suspending camera above the table

    Hi, I'm getting closer to my goal of being able to get involved with product photography and have some questions. I'm attempting some product photography using my D500 with a 24-70mm and need some help. The products I'm shooting are balls and other things that roll, so I believe I need to...
  10. M

    Photography Equipment Advise

    Hello Everyone, I need some advice in terms of product photography and related equipment, if anyone has the time to spare it will be greatly appreciated. I am beginner, therefore unsure what equipment is required to setup for product photography. I am based in South Africa, I sell tablet cases...
  11. Designer.Danish

    Water Dispenser (Product Photography)

    Hello Friends, Kindly review my pictures and reply me your feedback
  12. Designer.Danish

    Washing Machine (Product Photography)

    Hi Friends , Review my pictures and send me your feedback @ Flicker @ Flicker
  13. Designer.Danish

    Kitchen Hood, Product Photography

    Hello Friends, Kindly review my pictures and reply me your feedback
  14. Y

    Which camera should I use for product photography? [Beginner Level]

    Hi, Could someone kindly point me into the right direction.... I am planning on doing some product photography for a company I am currently doing my work placement at. They are after photography for their products and have given me the go ahead to purchase the entire kit. The products are all...
  15. F

    Making my own light box

    I do alot of product photography for the reviews I do and so far I have 3 softbox lights I use, I was looking at light boxes at the local store and was impressed by them. However even the biggest ones they had were too small. The biggest thing I do pictures of is full tower computer cases...
  16. B

    Setting exposure with dark and light products (same props)

    I'd be super grateful if you have any advice on getting the exposure right IN the camera so that I have less processing to do in Lightroom. Here are my questions with more info below: How do I get consistent color and exposure when there are different color products that are affecting the...
  17. C

    Linen Products HELP!

    So I just started doing product photography. Through craigslist I landed a client looking to have linens photographed. they basically sent me packaged product and gave me examples of what they want done. I did not expect this, but it requires lots of folding and ironing (neither of which I am...
  18. L

    First time shooting products, pricing?

    hello everyone! I came here to get an opinion from someone who may be experienced in this area. A jewelry company has come to me asking if I would take pictures of their products and they would pay me for it. I have worked with this company in the past for free just to test things out, and they...
  19. nuevomejico

    Lightbox tips?

    Hello all! New person on the forums here so I apologize in advance if this is on the wrong thread. I recently started a business selling safety razors and I am trying to get some nice pictures of them to put online. I built a light box out of tissue paper and poster board and started shooting...
  20. U

    What makes a good photographer?

    A common statement I most often hear is, “Wow your images are lovely, it must be your expensive equipment”. It appears to be a simple enough statement with a simple enough response. Right? Well, it’s not so easy. In a sense the equipment helps but it is only a tool. In the same way a car is a...