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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by SamueJ, Jul 7, 2010.

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    First post on the forum, just looking for some helpful information.

    I want to enrol on a Photography course, having been a keen photographer for a fair while, to possibly lead to a change of career. I am very interested in digital photography and using the computer to edit and what-not. There are two that I am looking at but am not sure which one will benefit me more and look better on a CV (along with a decent portfolio of images of course). Have read up and looked at plenty of info on the courses but I am still undecided.

    One is an AS in Photography which I think kids take when they are 18 or 19 now? But I never had that privilege.

    The other is Photography level 1 or 2 NCFE Certificate.

    Both are about the same price to do. I have read that an AS is a higher level than NCFE Certificate but it seems as though the NCFE has more on the course that would interest me.

    I just wanted to get an actual persons opinion on which course is best to go for, or whether it just depends on what I, personally want to do with photography. Like I say, ultimately I am looking to maybe one day change my career from what I am doing now, to Photography and am trying to figure out my first and best options.

    Thanks all for you time.


    Just a note - These are UK Courses. So would only apply to UK users.

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    I would just take the course that offers you the most practice, knowledge and skill and not worry about levels and stuff. If you become a photographer and your skill is good and pictures are great, nobody is going to ask about your certificates...

    Choose the course that appeals the most (do check if it's a thorough course with real information and not just a course where they give you a booklet and that's that... And offcourse I have experience with the latter... :grumpy:)
    And pick the one where they let you experiment with a lot of different area's of photography, so you can get familiar and decide what your "thing" is.

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