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Aug 21, 2008
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Hey, as I am very new to photography I was wondering if you guys had any Books on Photography/Tutorials that you recommend. Specifically, on the fundamentals of shooting aperture, DOF, etc...Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is about your best bet for starting out with understanding aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how the three relate to each other to give you the exposure you want and the look you want (DOF) in a shot.

The book comes well recomended by many here on this site (As well as others) so its well worth getting a copy of it
smpreap - seriously now stop with the pointless posts in threads.
Its not helping anyone and it just makes you look a fool
Thanks I will look into that one, any other recommendations guys? Also I was wondering if any of you read Outdoor Photography, or something to that nature, it is a magazine I was flipping through and it looked pretty interesting?
best mag on the market is probably National Geographic
Sadly too many photography mags are not up to standard when compared to what you can get on the web in 5 mins searching/asking on a forum. Many are aimed at beginners and cycle their articles on a regular basis - so longer term they lose many readers. Also (and this really annoys me) many of them aim their editing advice to beginners but they all edit with full photoshop - something that most people just cannot afford to have - thus so much of the editing advice is wasted.

They also like ads these days - lots of ads

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