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    All photographers continually like to sharpen their skills. Regardless of your experience, very few people "know it all" when it comes to photography. This section of the website brings you some photography tips including:

    Photography exposure tips
    Learn how to get the best exposures and how to judge whether your photo is well exposed. Also get some tips on foolproof ways of ensuring your photos are always well exposed.

    Low light photography tips
    Low light photography is a challenge for most people as they don’t understand the mechanics of light and how the camera works in this situation. Here we will go over some tips to improve your low light photo taking skills.

    Underwater photography tips

    Underwater photography is something that many people never try. They think their camera won’t work underwater or will break. It’s true that many cameras can not be used underwater but some can with the use of a special protective case. You can also buy special underwater cameras and these can take some great photos!

    Product photography tips

    If you sell products on the internet or in magazines, you'll want to know how to take professional shots of products. Your viewers’ opinion is based on how the product looks in your advertising so it’s important to be able to take very professional photos and here we will cover some techniques to help you do just that.

    Photography tips aperture

    Aperture choices can make or break a photo. How much do you know about aperture? Here you will learn about how aperture works and its relationship with your other camera settings.

    Photography tips filters

    Filters can provide dramatic effects on your photos. Neutral density filters, polarizing filters, graduated filters, UV filters and others all serve a different purpose.

    SLR photography tips

    Digital SLR cameras are more affordable than ever. In this article we will cover the best cameras available at the moment and why SLR cameras are superior to point and shoot cameras in most situations.

    Outdoor photography tips

    Outdoor photography is challenging particularly in the harsh midday sun. Learn how to combat sunlight and other lighting situations in the outdoors.

    Basic photography tips

    Are you a digital photography beginner? Then this article is for you! Here you will learn the absolute basics of digital photography. A must read!

    Learning photography

    So you want to further your photography skills? In this article we'll cover photography workshops, courses and books which can literally take you from a beginner to an experienced amateur in a short amount of time.
    Stay tuned for more digital photography tips coming soon!

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    am i missing something? none of these are actually tips.. and the website doesn't really offer any either

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