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Dec 24, 2011
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Arlene Collins is holding a workshop about on and off flash usage. Has anyone ever attended these kinds of classes.
Are they worth it?
Who is Arlene Collins?

9,363.7 photographers do flash workshops east of the Mississippi.
Could be great, could be crap. What's the cost?
Judging by her website, I am not sure I'd take a flash photography workshop from her IMO IMHO TBQH.
Says on her webpage she also teaches a course at Maine Media Workshop. I've taken a course at Maine Media Workshop, not her course, and it was a great experience. I learned some new tricks and I left with an awesome photojournalism product I produced. But best bet is try and find some people who have gone through her course and talk to them if you're on edge of spending the tuition fee.
I worked at the Maine Photographic Workshops (Now Maine Media Workshops) while attending the now defunct Rockport College.

It seemed like a lot of rich people with very expensive equipment taking slightly above average photographs on vacation. I suppose that if you look at it as something fun and you might learn something along the way it could be worth it - but really from my experience they're more retreats than professional development opportunities.

The digital darkroom courses I think offered a bit more.
For 60 bucks take the class, never know something may just click. Listen well to the lesson, take your gear, off camera flash and stand with you and shoot away. One always meets other photographers as well so it may be worthwhile. One thing I will advise you to do is get a sand-bag to weigh down the stand a little. Keep it from falling over 20 bucks and a little effort will save you a few hundred should you break a flash. If your camera has a built in way of firing the flash off camera (commander mode on Nikon) read up on that as well and try it at home before you go to the class. If you are using triggers become familiar with them as well.
Shoot well, Joe
for 60 measly bucks you don't have much to loose!! Many one day workshops run twice that.
If you mean the one she teaches at Adorama, I took it and honestly, it wasn't worth the $60. I should've known by looking at her work, but since I knew so little at the time, I figured surely I'd learn *something* useful. She was terrible at the workshop, provided little useful information and, honestly, was a bit brusque and rude. I learned 300% MORE from a couple of hours of reading (FOR FREE) at (Strobist) and neil van nierkerk's website ( And I bought a couple of books on lighting (could've used those $60 on them if I hadn't already wasted them).

Anyway, I'm sure my experience was subjective but I'm a pretty good student and learn fast. That workshop, however, was pointless.

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