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    Hello all. I have the newest version of Photomatix and had just recently upgraded from the previous version. One issue I have had with both versions is that occasionally, I have really spent a lot of time fine tuning the adjustments carefully only to then process it and it comes out looking completely different. Does this happen to anyone else? When I have this issue, the result is that after processing, the lighting is completely different than the preview version I was working on. The best way to describe it is that it looks like a big thick cloud was blocking the light over a large portion of whatever I was shooting and makes a noticeable contrast difference.

    I don't do a great deal of HDR but I am currently in the middle of working on two projects for my real job in which I am taking shots of two new building that are being constructed and our CEO wanted to hang some of these pics in the building of the construction at various stages. I think in this instance HDR adds a little interest to dirt, bull dozers and brick.

    So does anyone know what I'm talking about or how to fix it more importantly?

    Woops, meant to put this under graphics programs subforum. Mods, please move this if you are so inclined.

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