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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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Had a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago....with a dog. It was the dog of a friend of my mum. She wanted to have a pic of the dog and give it to her husband.
Well fine, i can do that........with a normal dog. This dog was uber scared and i had trouble photographing him. That and the dog doesnt have the "look im a happy dog" look. I just took some shots and did some pp in ps.
The freakin thing also bit me.....did make a little bit of money though :)
Anyways, here they are.....and i only printed the last one for her (since she only wanted one):






Thanks for looking
Greetz Daan
I'd say the last one would be my favorite as well.

So, did you bite him back?
It definitely is a dachshund, wire-haired all right, and they are cute but fast little dogs. Seeing these reminds me of the fact that a friend of mine asked me WEEKS ago if not I could come round to their place and take photos of their wire-haired dachshund :oops: ... have never been so far. Only when the dog was still just a puppy... I might better recommend them to hire a young Dutch photographer who takes TACK-SHARP photos of dachshunds!!! ;)
Those turned out very nice! Never wouldda guessed it was a hard subject. Looks to innocent to bite too!
I have to agree I like the last one the best. Its to bad he had to go and bite you.
thanks for the kind replies every one. And you are correct about it being a dachshund Corinna :)
And it bit me out of fear, i wanted to undo his leash. But he was so scared the he turned his head and bit me. Still not something you want a dog to be doing....i did correct him a bit though, by grabbing it in its neck. I know it sounds a bit harsh, it being scared and all, but i dont want any dog biting me.
Nice shots. You did the right thing thats how there mothers teach them and what I do, but I go one step further and put them on there backs while holding there throats. Lets them know who the alpha dog is.
Thanks for the reply
And yes, i didnt turn him on its back. Did put him down to the ground. And it wasnt a big bite, just 1 k9 in my finger, nothing bad :)

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