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Mar 27, 2006
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I cannot open my cs2 for some reason. I get the start screen loading plugins and such, then it locks up. cannot get it to close, I have to restart the computer. control alt del won't work. Anyone else have this problem with photoshop? I've loaded a few new things but it worked fine until today.
yeah. post specs for your computer.. it's possible that new things may be the straw that broke the camel's back. On opening illustrator I had to truncate my font library somewhat before it would open. Because it's actually locking up for you it's probably the extra stuff... try back them up in a separate folder and delete from where they are (for things like plugins) and then try. A gig of ram is plenty for normal photoshop work...
I actually have no idea on my computer specs. This is on my laptop so I'm sure it's around 512 ram. Worked great, then when I finally decided to use it on the internet I decided to add Norton internet security and updated virus stuff. Now it won't work. It works great on my PC with the same programs. Hopefully it's just a ram issue and I'll add more.
Thanks for the input. Guess I'm ram shopping now.

na, i dont think it is a ram issue at all. 512 ram is easily enough to run cs2..... after what you just said, i would say its either a conflict of software (i dont use norton an any of my comps.... i find it slows the crap out of it)..... or it could have something to do with updates...... windows updates etc... if your copy of ps isn't legit... that will be another possibilty. If it were me... i'd uninstall everything you've just installed... including ps.... then after making sure all the updates are done, reinstall ps.... and personally i'd forget norton all together.
I had a similar problem with norton internet security, my whole pc wouldn't start anymore... had to reeinstal my whole pc...Could only recommend to use another virus software...(I was really p***ed when it happened, for this norton internet security wasn't really cheap, and I had to buy a new one...).
I finally have my computer working again. I wound up loosing my wireless connection and several other programs would not work. I have to go with Archangel and spako on this one. Get rid of Norton internet security and workes good again. After thinking about this, it happened after installing updates for norton internet security. Thanks for the ideas everyone, I still want more ram, too slow for me.

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