Photoshop plugins

There are some lovely ones at Coffeeshop Blog (I think that's what it's called). Google it, anyway. They're free, and worth a look. I used a few of them a lot, then started looking at how they worked and tried to emulate them myself...learned a lot more about how different things work by doing that that just using the plug-ins blind.
Plug-ins rarely do anything that you can't do yourself in Photoshop. So the best thing to do, is to learn how to use Photoshop, and if needed, create your own actions.

That being said, I recently spent some money on a plug-in or two, and I've been quite happy with them. The main thing I was looking for, was something to save time, and it has done that.

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I wish I could try to create my own actions, but I don't have the PS CS version:(
If were talking about little plug-ins such as something that sharpens for you etc etc, that is something you should absolutely learn to do without a plug-in.

If were are talking about a commercial plug-in that is a representative of a stand alone program such as Noise Ninja etc, then these are a great way to incorporate a valuable tool into CS or your particular software or compatible version.

Don't get me wrong, there are some neat gizmo, gimmick plugs that are neat-o, but for basic stuff, don't attempt to sidestep learning how to do them yourself where in the end you will learn about and have greater control.

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