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Sep 26, 2007
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i'm new to the whole digital photo editing scene, and im looking for a good software to use. i was thinking photoshop elements 6.0 since its very basic and a good 'ease' into the world of photo editing and graphic designing. is that a good choice, or are there any other programs out there? or should i get a newer version of photoshop and a photoshop for dummies book and dive right in?
let me know
Heya Emily, in order to keep our forums free from clutter, we don't encourage our members to double-post their questions or photos. So I merged the two threads and deleted one of the posts. OK?
If you can claim that you are a student of some sort, then you can get a killer deal on certain software options.

What's your budget, and what are you trying to accomplish?
I've been using photshop 6.0 for years and love it!
it depends. if its worth getting a better program and learning that way then ill pay for a better one. 400 is prob my max ill be willing to buy, and i would really have to be sold on the product

You can get CS3 w/ Lightroom for only $379 if you can figure out a way to consider yourself a student/teacher to get the discount. That's really not bad at all.

yeah i can get student discount.
but why should i buy cs3 lightroom. im afriad that it will be to much for me to understand. i have some friends who are good with it but it will mostly just be me messing around on it without their help.
and are there any good learning programs that could help me? or books?
oh, there are plenty of online tutorials for Photoshop. Google "photoshop tutorials" and you'll find gobs of them. I started by using It helped me gain knowledge of filters, channels, etc. Though Photoshop is a powerful program, it shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it.
thanks for the help
although i still dont know what i should get to be honest
Why don't you download a free trial of cs3 and see if you want to shell out the bucks for it. Otherwise you can also download a trial of lightroom. It's a great program to organize your photos and has can probably do most of the editing you need as well.
I am currently trying the trial of Lightroom, and am finding more and more super cool features about it that I love! You oughtta give it a try, like Domromer mentioned.
yeah i think i am. my big thing is just being lost with it. im going to have to get one of the online tutorials.
i know VERY LITTLE which is why i think elements would be good since its simple, very basic. i might just do that since elements 6.0 is only like 70 and just get the hang of photo editing.
hmm still not sure
i need to get the trial
thanks guys
Just download the whole thing for free. Thats what i did.

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